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The DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), or formerly known as "DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)", is an ad server.


XPO ad tags is compliant with the DCM and hence can be trafficked / 'ad served' via DCM.

How it Works

To traffic XPO ad tag via DCM, use CUSTOM CREATIVES OPTION (NOTE: Google requires you to login to view this page).

On Costing

  • If you serve the XPO ad tag via DCM using  CUSTOM CREATIVES OPTION, you can request to your Google's Account Manager to inform you if there is any charges from DCM. This is depending on your agreement/Terms of Service with DCM.

On Conversion Attribution / Floodflight tags (more info):

  • You can generate floodflight tags via your DCM and record and attribute the conversions originating from an XPO creatives
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