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  1. You will need to be embed a tracking script into the website to be tracked at least 1 month in advance to start the collection of user data.
  2. There is no additional charge to run remarketing/retargeting campaigns.
  3. These are the supported platforms/exchanges (NOTE: if you don't see others that you want, contact us to request)
    • ADX/GDN
    • AppNexus
    • Doubleclick Bid Manager
    • Smaato



  1. How long it will take to start running retargeting campaigns?
    1.  We will need to collect data for minimum 1 month to start running a campaign. So, you need to put XPO Remarketing Tag on your website 1 month before actual launch of remarketing campaign
  2. Can XPO run remarketing/Retargeting campaign on Google Display Network?
    1. Yes. XPO supports running remarketing/retargeting campaign on Google Display Network. Contact us to get this feature enabled for your campaign.
  3. Can I insert remarketing/retargeting pixel into XPO ads (Banner/Dynamic Ads) to do remarketing in GDN ?
    1. Yes, you can.
  4. Can XPO retarget user who interact with the creative/Ads?
    1. Yes, XPO can retarget users who interact with creative/Ads. Contact us to get this feature enabled for your campaign.
  5. Can XPO retarget user who visited my website and dropped at any of these scenarios - registration page, while making payment, While selecting the hotel rooms, while providing personal particulars etc.
    1. Yes, XPO can retarget users who dropped off on your website at any of the scenario mentioned above as well as at any page of your website.
  6. Is XPO support remarketing campaign on Search Ads/ Google Search Network?
    1. No, currently XPO doesn't support remarketing campaign on Google Search Network/Search Ads
  7. What's the difference between using Floodflight tag vs Remarketing tag ?
    1. Check this out
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