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  1. How do I get started with XPO ? Do you provide trial ?
    1. Contact us to arrange a session for us to understand your need. We will propose to you an onboarding plan to ensure you get the value out from the platform.

  2. Does the XPO-created Dynamic Ads work on Mobile App and Mobile Sites ?
    1. Yes, as the ad is created using HTML5, it can work cross-screens and platforms on Web, Mobile Web/Site as well as Mobile App. You just need to provide/use the right sizes.

  3. Can I use XPO platform to do ad placement on GDN/ADX ?

    1. Yes, you can use the platform to do media buying / ad placement on GDN/ADX and other Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges too. To get started, you will need to top up your account with credits to start running campaign on these platforms.

  4. Certain features are not available in XPO for me to create the Dynamic Ads that I wanted. What can I do?
    1. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. If we don't have such feature, we will see if we can proceed to implement and come back to you with a timeline. Additionally, we do provide customisation service for a fee under Managed Services.

  5. Do you provide outsource service? I do not have my own team of designers/operators, nor the manpower to operate XPO but I am still interested in using XPO.
    1. Yes, we provide a range of Managed Services. Contact us to get your requirements communicated to us. Our Account Managers will work with you to provide a quotation.

  6. Can I enroll for Managed Services for certain work while I operate on self-serving?
    1. Yes, we can work out something to fit your needs. Get in touch with us.

  7. How can I grant my designer or other end users to access XPO platform?
    1. You can create different user account with different roles and permissions.

  8. My designer has completed the creative using XPO. We want to send the ad tags to certain publishers that we work with. Would it possible for us to send/download them the ad tag (or probably known to you as Creative/Ad Unit/Third Party Tags) ?
    1. Yes, you can do this in XPO. You will need to click send/download AdTag in the campaign detail page to send the ad tags to the publishers. NOTE: you will NOT be able to export out the creative/HTML files

  9. My team/company is using DoubleClick (DCM/DFA/DBM). Does XPO support downloading/sending AdTag inthe same format as DCM/DFA/DBM?
    1. Yes, you can download or send the Ad Tag from XPO in the same manner as how you would do trafficking/running/executing via the DoubleClick Bid Manager or DoubleClick Campaign Manager or DoubleClick for Advertisers. XPO also supports other formats too (Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges).

  10. I have my own set of creative files. However, i want to use XPO to do ad serving for the resources/creatives. Is this possible? if yes, what are the charges?
    1. XPO currently does not support uploading of your own format/creatives. What you can do is for you to re-create your creatives easily in XPO using XPO Designer. You will be charged for Ad Serving cost. If you have further/any customization requests, you can engage us as part of Managed Services Please refer - Managed Service section for Managed Service Fees.

  11. Can I buy mobile inventory (e.g. AdMob) through XPO?

    1. Yes, you can buy mobile inventory via XPO. View Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges. If you don't see the supplier there, let us know.

  12. How do I change the creative after it is being approved by Google (to be ready to run via GDN), do I have to re-seek approval from Google again?
    1. Yes, every time there is a change in the creative, there is a requirement to seek for the approval from Google if you intend to run any ads on Google's ad exchanges.

  13. If multiple campaign items have same ad unit running at the same time, how can i implement the impression tracker?

    1. The impression tracker is link to campaign item, you can implement multiple at the same time.


  1. How much does it cost to use the XPO platform?
    1. XPO follows a monthly commitment fee. We also provide large-volume plans. Get in touch with us for us to customize a plan for you.
  2. Does XPO support retargeting? How much does it cost?
    1. Yes, XPO supports retargeting/remarketing at no additional cost. You will need to place a XPO Pixel Tag on your website and we will be able to target your users immediately. The pixel tag is available within the XPO platform.

  3. What will be the charges to run the campaign on GDN/ADX
    1. No charge.


  1. How do I clone creative design/style items without having to repeat all the steps? I have created one with size 750x400px. I want to reuse the creatives for a different size 1000x500px.
    1.  You can only clone a Dynamic Ad of the same size (due to image resolution constraint). However, there are exceptional cases that you can still clone:
      1. Original ad size is 970x70px with the ability to expand to 970x250px, hence you can clone to a non-expandable ad of size 970x250. Notice the maximum size restriction.
      2. From XPO dashboard, click on the button “Design Creative” found at the top right.
      3. Select the respective advertiser to display the list of designs.
      4. Find and click on the Clone button for the specific design.
      5. Once done, go to the campaign page items and load the Designer; the “Design” that you just cloned will be available on the template listing.

  2. How do I change content/Image in slider?
    1. You can do it using the Manage Feeds option in the Designer.

  3. How do I add/ delete destination in Booking Mask?
    1. By using Options you can add/delete property in the booking drop down.

  4. How/where do I insert the UTM tags? 
    1. You can do this via XPO Curator. Once you have added a feed in XPO Curator, there is an option to add UTM tag(s). Check out this instruction to add third-party ad tracking 

  5. How do I create an ad with two languages ?
    1. You will have to create 2 campaign items; one for each language. Each campaign item shall have its own set of creatives and feeds in its respective language.

  6. Can I use one UTM tag for two different ads of size 300x250px and 300x600px assuming that the two ads use the same feed?
    1. Yes, you can use the same UTM tag for both sizes unless you want to be able to track separately for each size.

  7. What are the setting requirements to execute a booking mask?
    1. The booking platform will generate a unique session id before it redirects us to the result page. Hence, we are unable to make a request to your result page.
      If you restrict your booking domain request, we need you to open access for us so that we can call the result page from our end. Our goal here is to make a call to your booking page with the list of specific parameter from the iBanner. Alternatively, you can provide us the deeplink URL.

  8. Does XPO Designer support creation of adaptive ad?
    1. Yes, adaptive Dynamic Ad is supported. We have a video on how to create it

  9. Can we use the existing creative design to new templates? Option to load template on existing viewpoint?
    1. Unfortunately, that is not currently supported.

  10. Will the images be edited when the viewport sizes changed?
    1. Images that are being uploaded from one viewport to another will be identical. No image resizing will be done. However, it's advisable to load a different set of images in accordance to the viewport so it looks good in the BD.

  11. Can I resize the ad once I have created it?
    1. No, you cannot as the ad tag would be affected. Prior to creating the ad, you would have to set up the proper size and the corresponding campaign information.

  12. For Adaptive ads, How do I change the height of it?
    1. In Designer, modify the viewport width and adjust height settings accordingly.

  13. Will the ad size change If I zoom out / in?
    1. No, by zooming in or out, you would only change the viewing size of the browser. The size of the ad remains.

  14. Can I use the same/existing template to create for different viewport/sizes?
    1. No, XPO currently does not support this feature but it is in our product roadmap.

  15. (TABS) 
    • Does XPO support auto-rotation of tabs?
      1. Yes, XPO supports auto tab-rotation. Check out
    • What is the sequence/order for the tab rotation ?
      1. The tabs will auto rotate in sequence. So, the next time a visitor visits, it will show the next tab first.
    • What happens if I have a video in the tab and it is playing within one of the tab, will the tab rotation stop ?
      1. No, it will keep rotating unless the end-user hovers their mouse over the video.

  16. (MAP) 
    • Does XPO support map feature?
      1. Yes, check out our guide at XPO Designer#MapComponent
    • Can the map component support GPS feature within it?
      1. Yes, if the user uses modern browsers (e.g. IE10 & above, latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and the user allows for GPS to be used within the browser. From the IP address of the user, XPO can also derive the location information although the granularity/accuracy will not match what the GPS coordinates can provide.

    • Does XPO support countdown clock feature?
      1. Yes, check out XPO Designer#CountdownComponent  or
    • Does the clock support fade-out transition?
      1. No, not at the moment.
    • How do I change the color of the clock?
      1. You need to add color to the background.
    • How to add transitions?
      1. This is not supported for now.

  18. Is XPO able to support the requirement to execute booking mask?
    1. No, as your booking platform will have generated a unique session id before redirecting to the result page. Hence, we will not be able to make a request to your result page.

  19. Will the rotation change if the portrait/ landscape is not chosen?
    1. It depends, it might change according the max width size being set in the viewport. For adaptive ad, it is advisable to set the landscape/portrait for each viewport design.

  20. How to create dynamic content without slider/scrollable content ?
    1. Dynamic content currently can only be created using Slider, Scrollable Content or Video List only.

  21. Why do I see text appearing with "..." in the slider?

    1. This is due to fact that the text box is too small to show all the contents. To resolve this, go to Designer's layer panel, Select FEED CONTAINER > TEXT/TITLE. Resize the text box OR text size.

  22. How do I fit the images to frame on dynamic content?
    1. In Designer's Layer panel, Select  FEED CONTAINER > IMAGE. Under the STYLE option (Right panel), change FIT onto Width, Height or Automatic.

  23. Why I cannot see some of the images that I have added in Designer?
    1. Check the layer panel, other layer/component might be blocking the image. Re-arrange the image layer to the top to resolve.

  24. How do I clone an adaptive design (of the same target size) ?
    1. Go to XPO > Dashboard > Design Creative > Select the design that you would like to clone and click on CLONE. The new ad shall appear as the selected ad when you open the new ad in Designer.

  25. How do I install/use a new/custom font? Does XPO support custom font ?
    1. In Designer, top left. An option called FONT > Add new. XPO only accepts OTF & TFF File. It will appear as a part of selection on Font family after installation. 

  26. How do I move the components in Design panel ?
    1. Select the component, drag and drop.  move the object with thisor resize with this .  

  27. How do I add animation transition effect?
    1. In Designer, go to Component layer. You should see  Select the desired effect.

  28. How do I hide the component from the Design panel?
    1. De-select this icon  on the layer panel to hide components from appearing in the Design panel. Note that this does not hide the component from Preview.

  29. How do I hide certain item from showing on the Preview panel?
    1. In the component option panel (Right). Under GENERAL option, check the option  to hide items, or otherwise uncheck to unhide.

  30. Do I have to re-create the whole Dynamic Ad for different viewport for adaptive design?
    1. No, you can copy (cmd+c / ctl+c) all layers & paste (cmd+v / ctl+v) in different viewport, remember to rearrange the components to fit the screen size.

  31. I cannot seem to find the COMPONENT option. Where is it located ?
    1. You probably have selected the wrong layer. Re-check your selected layer.


  1. Does XPO provide any existing designs or some formats for reference or quick start ?
    1. Check our website for different ad creatives. The XPO platform also comes pre-loaded with many ready-templates for you to easily get started.

  2. Does XPO support iAB Rising Star AdUnits ?
    1. Yes, XPO supports iAB Rising Star Ad Units( for both Display ( and Mobile (

  3. Is XPO ad format certified for use in Google ADX/GDN(Google Display Network)?
    A: Yes, XPO-generated ad tag is certified to run on Google ADX/GDN as global third-party ad vendor ( and 

  4. Is XPO expandable ad format certified for use in Google ADX/GDN?
    A: Yes, XPO-generated expandable ad tag is certified to run on Google ADX/GDN as global third-party ad vendor (

  5. What are the approval process and creative restrictions (if any) if I were to publish into Google GDN/ADX ?
    1. Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges (view under Google ADX).

  6. Can I export out the creatives from XPO platform ?
    1. No, you won't be able to because the creatives are layered with all the different mechanics and tracking.


  1. How to pull contents from my website in real-time and show them in the Dynamic Ad ?
    1. Go ahead and grab contents from your website in real-time by using our powerful visual scraper that available in the XPO Curator. Check out:

  2. How to extract content from certain webpages ?
    1. You can use our web scraper/crawler to crawl the content by providing the respective URLs.

  3. Can I select or use specific articles from a feed that I crawl instead of using every articles in it ?
    1. Yes, you can select/filter those that you want only. Refer to XPO Curator on how to do that.

  4. Can I reuse existing feeds for different dynamic ads ?
    1. Yes, you can reuse it and mix the feeds to create all kinds of dynamic / static contents.

  5. Can I mix dynamic feed (contents which keep changing) and static feed (contents which hardly or don't change) together ?
    1. Yes, you can mix the contents.

  6. Can I add third-party tracking to track the feed items ?
    1. Yes, you can add third-party tracking but ONLY for static feed content, dynamic tracking is generally not supported by third-party. Check out third-party tracking to see how to set third-party tracking for static feed.

  7. Can I add third-party tracking to dynamic feeds ?
    1. Yes, you can add third-party tracking to dynamic feed. Check out this link on third-party tracking to see how to set third-party tracking for dynamic feed.

  8. How do I view the third-party tracking configuration in XPO Curator once the tracking is in place / implemented?
    1.  You can view from the feed detailed view. Checkout Third-party Tracking in Feeds on how to view third-party tracking configuration in XPO Curator.

  9. Does XPO support tracking through iframe?
    1. Yes, XPO supports tracking through iframe. Check out Third-party Tracking

  10. Why I can't seem to locate option to configure for third-party tracker or UTM ?
    1.  In order to configure UTM and/or third-party click-tracker, you must have created at least ONE campaign. If there is no campaign, the configuration button will not be visible.

  11. Can I re-configure the click-tracker after a feed is approved?
    1. Yes, you can still re-configure since the approval process is for the article content and not the click-tracker.  Checkout Third-party Tracking in Feeds 

  12. How do I remove an item in the slider?
    1. Go to APPROVED feed > Edit Feed > Next > Start Curating Process > UNCHECK THE UNWANTED ITEM > Send for APPROVAL > Approve the feed. 

  13. Can I search articles by tracking id?
    1. Yes, you can search tracking id by clicking on search icon on the top bar menu > enter tracking id into search text box then click search icon.

  14. Can I use slider without adding a feed ?

    1. No, since the Slider requires a list of items to function.


  15.  Online Store:
    1. After created Feed in Curator under “Webpage (Manual Selection). Then send the request to
    2. How will your Managed Service team know what is the design that I/my client want ?
        1. In curator, you can highlight the area that you wish to crawl. See the following screenshot
        2. Click on highlight content
        3. Highlight the area
        4. Click on Save
        5. Submit your request

  16. How do I create a slider with banners only ?
    1. To create a slider with static banners, first, you have to create a feed using the XPO Curator.
    2. Upload the images and set correct Clickthrough URL, Title and Content.
  17. Why does the images appear to be of low quality ? 
    1. All the components used in the ad are automatically scaled based on the size set. If the original ad creative is too small, the quality of the images will definitely be affected. Hence, it is recommended that you upload images of higher resolution / bigger size.

  18. (SOCIAL BUTTON) How to add “Like” and “Share” button to my Dynamic Ad ?
    1. Currently, this feature is not supported due to performance issue. It will prolong the creative loading time.

  19. How do I remove item in slider?

    1. Go to APPROVED  feed > Edit Feed  > Next > Start Curating Process > UNCHECK THE UNWANTED ITEM > Send for APPROVAL > Approve the feed. 



  1. Can I delete a campaign ? 

    1. Yes, you can delete the campaign.

  2. Can I delete a campaign item ?
    1. Yes, you can delete the campaign item by going to the campaign detail page (click on campaign from campaign list) > click on 

  3. Can I change a campaign name after it is being published ?
    1. Yes, you can change it by going to the campaign detail page (click on campaign from campaign list), then open campaign item > click Edit button

  4. Can I change the end date of a campaign?
    1. Yes, you can change the campaign end date under the campaign page by clicking "edit" button.

  5. Can I change the start date of the campaign after published?
    1. No. In order to re-start the campaign, you will have to create a new campaign AO. 

  6. How do I start testing a campaign ?
    1.  Select the option to configure the testing start date.

  7. How do I create a campaign using adaptive dynamic ad ?
    1. Checkout our HOWTO Create a Campaign for Adaptive, Interactive Ad

  8. Do I need to select the Adaptive option when using native ad ?
    1. Yes, you will need to select the adaptive option.

  9. Is there a minimum amount for media spend / media budget ?
    1. Yes, the minimum starts from US$10 onward.

  10. Can I change the size of an ad unit after it is being created?
    1. No, you will not be able to change the ad unit size once it is created.
  11. What pixel would be implemented on the client’s site as part of performance-based campaign setup ? What’s the purpose of the pixel?
    1. As part of performance campaign setup, we will be placing 2 types of pixel onto client’s website:
      • (a) Remarketing pixel: this pixel enables targeting/re-targeting of users who have visited client’s website with the relevant dynamic ads, based on their interest/behavior on the website’s particular web pages.
      • (b) Conversion pixel: this pixel enables identification of customers who are converting and customers who are leaving the sales/conversion funnel. Those who left the funnel can be targeted with relevant messages to attempt to get them back to the funnel. Additionally, this pixel will also allow for tracking, measuring and optimization toward the conversion/ROI numbers as per the campaign’s KPI. 


  1. What is an Ad Unit?
    1. A container that is used to hold/serve/display a static/interactive ad. You can register as many ads into the ad unit as you want. To get started, you will need to add at least ONE Managed Site OR a partner.

  2. Is XPO-generated ad tag SSL-compliant ?
    1.  Yes, XPO-generated ad tags support SSL (https).

  3. Can I use Knorex XPO Ad Tag to serve on DCM/DFA/DBM?
    1. Yes, Knorex Ad Tag can be served on DCM/DFA/DBM. More info for each can be found at XPO Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges.

  4. Is Knorex/XPO a certified third party vendor of GDN/ADX?
    1. Yes, Knorex is a certified Google global ad-serving vendor (

  5. Is XPO Expandable Ad tag certified for GDN/ADX?
    1. Yes, Knorex is certified Google vendor for Expandable creative ( 

  6. How do I change the name/title of an Ad Unit ?
    1.  GO to publisher > select ad unit under manager brand display (left side bar) > under "about ad unit" > click "edit" > change name. 

  7. Can I change the size of an Ad Unit after creating it ?
    1. No, you can not change the Ad unit size. You will have to create a new one if you want to have a different size.

  8. Can I use the same Ad Unit in more than one Managed Sites ?
    1.  No, you will have to create an Ad Unit for each Managed Site. This way, you will be able to track each ad unit separately in your report.

  9. Can XPO Ad Tag support click macro and view through macro?
    1. Yes, XPO Ad Tag support click macro and view-through macro. Check out below script<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  10. Can I use other vendor or a third party (e.g. Sizmek / MediaMind, Eyeblaster) to serve the XPO-generated ads ?
    1. No, the ad serving has to be done using XPO as the generated dynamic ads support rich interactions and dynamic content. Hence, such dynamism requires dynamic tracking in order to provide the necessary analytics and reporting. Nonetheless, XPO does support embedding of third-party tracking into the XPO generated dynamic ads if these third parties provide ad tracking technologies such as 1-pixel, image tag, beacon tracking.

  11. Can I use custom macro ?
    1. Yes, XPO supports custom macro.

  12. Why does my newly added Dynamic Ad not appear/fit properly after embedding into my website ?
    1. This happens when the container size is not set correctly. You should ensure that the container size (both WIDTH AND HEIGHT) matches the ad size.

  13. What to do if my added click-macro is not recording any clicks in the third-party reporting system ?
    1. Most common issues are as follows:
      1. QUOTES ARE MISSING from the ad tag. 
        You should escape the URL twice as shown below.



For Questions and Answers related to Discrepancies, check out the Understanding Tracking & Reporting Discrepancy page.



  1. If the user rotates the phone from portrait to landscape or vice versa, will the dynamic ad automatically rotate ?

    1. Yes, it will automatically rotate and fit to the screen size of the mobile device.

  2. What are the ad formats supported in XPO ?
    1. Please refer to this link Ad Formats & Sizes



  1. Is Knorex/XPO a certified third party vendor of GDN/ADX?
    1. Yes, Knorex is a certified Google global ad-serving vendor (

  2. We are using DCM for our campaign management and as our Ad Server. If we were to use or you were to send me your XPO ad/creatives tag, does it mean that I will be able to 'ad serve' via DCM ?
    1. Yes, you can traffic XPO ad tag via DCM using Custom creative tag. See XPO + DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) for details. Nonetheless, do note that XPO is still performing the actual ad serving. The creatives is hosted and served by XPO.

  3. Following from Q2, would that be considered as "double" ad serving ?
    1. Yes, this would be considered as "double" ad serving by Google if you are using DCM and you may incur an additional charge by Google depending on your arrangement with Google. You are advised to contact your assigned Google Account Manager to find out your (company) arrangement. If your purpose of doing this is that you want to have a consolidated report in DCM, then our suggestion is to generate impression and click trackers in DCM and embed them into the XPO-generated dynamic ads. Do note that DCM may charge you starting from $0.02 (numbers may change; we are noting here based on what our current info/understanding). Alternatively, if you are using DBM, then there should not be any additional charges; again check with your Google account manager to be sure.

  4. Following from Q2, how can we then measure the campaign performance if we are not "ad serving" ?
    1. You can pass us your impression and click trackers (typically, a 1x1 pixel tag) and our team will embed your tracker(s) directly into the ad creative. You will be able to measure the campaign performance at your end.

  5. Following from Q4, in this case, does it mean that I can attribute conversion originating from XPO creatives using my Floodlight tags ?
    1. Yes, you can. Your floodlight tags will attribute the conversion to the XPO Creative automatically.

  6. Following from Q4, will my client be charged for using the pixel tracker (generated via DCM) ?
    1. It depends on your arrangement with Google. You would need to confirm with your Google Account Manager. 

  7. Can I export out the creatives from XPO platform ?
    1. No, you won't be able to because the creatives are layered with all the different mechanics and tracking. Nonetheless, you can use ad tag to traffic via your system as how we have worked with numerous other global agencies. Our ad tags are compatible with many of the platforms and systems, refer to Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges.

  8. I would like carry out Dynamic Creatives Optimization (DCO) for my clients, is that possible with XPO ?
    1. Yes, you will be able to carry that out. We currently provide DCO on both self-serving and managed service models.

  9. I'm using Floodlight tags to build user cookie pool. Is it possible to use XPO to do retargeting in this case ? If so, how ?
    1. Yes, this is possible. Let us know your account ID and we will inform Google accordingly to enable.

  10. Does XPO support publishing into AdWords ?
    1. Coming soon in Q3' 2018.
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