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What is "Add to Your calendar" Feature?

This feature allows clients to design creative where they can ask User to set the reminder/meeting request or appointments into their existing Google/Outlook or Apple Mail Calendar.

How to use

On designer UI, follow the steps below to use new feature:

  • We create a form component and select Add to calendar form template.
  • In the Form options panel, there is a new checkbox "Support add to calendar"
  1. If we check on that checkbox, there are fields concern to event will be displayed for inputting: 
    1. Event name, event location, event description and email. 
    2. Email field will be used in case end user is using gmail, ical or outlook(not support in outlook mac) calendar. This email will be added as guest. So when user decide to send invitation to guest, the event will be sent to that email also.
    3. For the date of event, we will base on the date that end users will be input in the form.
  2. When the ads go live, the end users see the form, they will input their name, email and date and click Submit button. We check their email, there are 3 kinds
    1. If gmail, we display event in google calendar for user see the event and click Save if they want (login gmail is required)
    2. If yahoo mail, we display event in yahoo calendar for user see the event and click Save if they want. (login yahoo mail is required)

    3. others mail, the event file with format ics will be downloaded. User can use it to import to their outlook or ical.
      example file:XPO Designer - Add to Calendar


Feel free to contact us if you need more info about this feature.


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