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Using XPO, you can perform the following actions for third-party tracking:

  1. Add third-party tracking for static feed
  2. Add third-party tracking for dynamic feed
  3. View third-party tracking configurations

Add Third-party Tracking for Static Feed

You can no longer configure third-party tracking at curating process. This will be done for approved feeds only.

  1. From the approved feed, choose 'Edit Third Party Tracking' button



   2. Choose the campaign to configure. Only one campaign at a time.


   3.  Choose the item/bd/widget to configure.

  • If All is selected, the whole list of items under this campaign will have the same configuration
  • if One is selected, the chosen item will have its own configuration.
  • Warning: if at first we configure for item 1 under campaign A ( select One), then we go to this process again (4 steps) and configure for campaign A ( by selecting All) => item 1 configuration will be overwritten

4. Enter UTM tags configuration and click tracker for the feed

5. Apply the feed configuration. 

  • If Apply to all is selected, all the articles will have this configuration

  • if  Customize for each is selected, this option is to customize for each article.

    • The 2nd icon mean: you can Toggle between Feed UTM Tag or Individual Article UTM tag..
    • 3rd mean: you can toggle between Feed Click tracker or Individual Article Click Tracker
    • The first let you manually key in for this particular article configuration



6. Save and start for a new campaign or item


7. The campaigns that have been configured will have a check mark. If only one item under that campaign is configured, the campaign will have a check mark also

Add Third-party Tracking for Dynamic Feed

  1. For dynamic feeds, the process is the same, except that you cant customize for individual article. By default, the feed configuration will apply to all articles. 


2. When the feed articles get updated, the configuration will be automatically applied.

View Third-party Tracking Configurations

  1. From the feed detailed view, check the box "View Third Party Tracking"


2. Click the campaign or item that you want to see the configuration.


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