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Overview of KNOREX XPO

KNOREX XPO™ is a full-stack platform designed from the ground-up specifically for Advertisers and Media Agencies to conduct Precision Performance Marketing to deliver personalized experience to the right audience with the right marketing message.

XPO platform comes with a few key components:

  • XPO Ad Designer - Use this to create or assemble highly interactive and stylish Dynamic Ads (view ad gallery). Dynamic Ads can be connected to feeds to enable display of contents that can be refreshed and updated real-time.

  • XPO Curator - Use this to scrape, curate and assemble/mix your contents and data from social media, websites, RSS feeds, blogs etc. A good example of this is to create product feed based on your product catalog for your e-commerce website/e-store.

  • XPO Media Broker - Use this to bid for media using smart optimization algorithms while getting access to the best and leading ad exchanges in the world, ensuring that you reach out to the widest audience worldwide.

  • XPO ARENA - Use this as an ad server to perform third-party ad serving and trafficking capability, including retargeting, dynamic ad tracking, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and more.

  • XPO Reporting, Tracking and Attribution Use this to do standard ad tracking including conversion and view-through tracking to provide detailed reporting on various aspects of campaigns, line items and the creatives, and most importantly you can do cross-device attribution while on it. 


What Can You Do with XPO ?

These are just some of the features and functions that you can do with XPO:

  • A unified, full-stack platform to enable you to manage all your ad campaigns, schedule and/or traffic all of your Dynamic Ads and standard banners within one place
  • Run all kinds of media campaigns (standard, retargeting/DCO, content-marketing, dynamic ads (including dynamic product ads)) 
  • Build various kinds of ad formats (e.g. Dynamic Ads, Native Ads, Standard Banner etc.), sizes
  • Ad serve or traffic into specific media publishers or ad exchanges/networks (be it XPO-connected or -supported)
  • Traffic out ad tags to media/agency partners and the supported ad exchanges/networks
  • Single universal ad tag to manage the most complex execution, including Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
  • Dynamic ad-tracking
  • Create and curate contents, feeds, data etc.
  • Push real-time or dynamic content updates from your own data/content feeds or from third-party contents/sites including social media etc.
  • Monitor real-time campaigns, optimize and generate/share/export reports (in CSV or PDF)
  • Manage various partners/clients accounts to create your own network of partners
  • Easily re-use the Ad Designer to build mobile adaptive-responsive mobile sites or "Nanosite"
  • Generation and exporting of reports (in CSV or PDF)
  • Perform contextual matching to match with website and audience interest
  • Managed various accounts (for your own sites, adding in partners etc.)
  • and more ...


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